Contact Your Senators

Use the dropdown list below to find your Senator's name and contact information. Leave them a call (use the script below if you're not sure what to say!) and demand complete student debt cancellation.


What to Say

Hello, I'm [NAME], a constituent calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I'm extremely concerned about the rising cost of college education and increasing amount of student debt accumulated by graduates. These loans are a financial strain especially to those who are currently struggling to make ends meet during this economic crisis. I'm calling to urge [Senator/Representative NAME] to demand bipartisan support for the cancellation of all student debt. I don't want to see these young people used as a bargaining chip, so I expect my [senator/representative] to oppose Biden's proposed 10k in debt cancellation and demand more. Our society requires a college education for any kind of job mobility, and I think graduates deserve to live their lives free of the fear that they won't be able to pay thousands of dollars worth of debt. Please pass along my concerns to the [senator/representative]. I'd appreciate if your office could follow up with me with any news related to this issue. I can be reached at [CONTACT INFO]. Thanks so much for taking my email.

Email Tool

Use the email tool below to send and auto-filled email to the US Department of Education demanding the cancellation of student debt. Make sure to use the last input box to add a sentence to diversify your email.