EPISODE ONE context of consumption

Pictured here is Rosalia for the iconic WAP video. She is accessorized in a braided hair do that replicates and manipulates the Spanish Bullfighter's hat in a modern context. Here she is bringing the traditional bull fighting art form into a new space with a completley different sense purpose and importance.

Pictured here is Beyonce and Jay-Z for their video Apeshit. In the entire video, they are using the art pieces around the Lourve to make a point about culture and society with sound and image. Using these pieces in this way creates a heightened awarness around Blackness (or lack thereof) in the traditional art space, that would not have been so outwardly highlighted otherwise.

Pictured here is Lana del Rey, Jared Leto, and Alessandro Michele dressed in Gucci ensembles with heavy religious tones for the Met Gala, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Without deep interrogation we view such events as a way to celebrate Art, Celebrity and Fashion, but looking deeper we can think about what images like these mean as far as using art as a mode to drive capitalism and make note on class.

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