Hi :) I'm Alexis Williams an Afro-Latina New Yorker; I'm twenty years old and a student at NYU Tandon School of Engineering studying Integrated Design and Media (IDM). According to NYU, "IDM is a 'STEAM' program combining artistic inquiry with scientific research and technological practice to explore the social, cultural and ethical potentials of emerging technologies. [Focusing] on how to create new experiences with technologies but also on what is worth making and why." I am a programmer with years of experience in Web Development, Mobile Applications, VR, Wearables and more, with an interest in the intersection of Social Activism and Tech. My non-coding creative outlets include sound engineering, content creation, film, photography, writing, and performing arts. Being a fast learner and endlessly curious is a blessing and a curse! I'm kind of obsessed with doing everything. My second persona is "Lelegenevieve," a Tik Tok alias where I take to the platform to discuss civil rights, social issues, current events, and make funny jokes about being a Black, Latina, queer woman in STEAM.